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Philosophy and team

An exceptional rum can only be produced from the best raw materials, a precise production tool and the know-how and passion of talented craftspeople.

The mission of Providence is to produce the best rums by exploring the different possibilities offered by the Cristalline cane and various production methods.

Aiming first and foremost at quality, the Providence team aims to explore the different facets of various raw materials (fresh juice, syrup, addition of dunder…), making the distillery a real laboratory of experimentation, by favorizing an artisanal production in small batches.

A strong heritage

Thanks to its strong heritage, resulting from the reunion of many diverse and international know-hows around a common project, Providence offers a transparent and honest approach and Haitian rums of the best quality.


The Providence team, led by Herbert Barbancourt-Linge Jr., remains on a human scale and is composed of about ten people, supervising the distillation, aging and bottling stages for all the different products made at the distillery.